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Turn back the clock on aging with PRP facials in Sherman Oaks. This advanced facial rejuvenation treatment uses your own platelet-rich plasma to naturally stimulate collagen, improve tone and texture, and restore a more youthful glow. Discover this revolutionary way to revive your complexion.

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PRP – The Revolutionary Facial Treatment

Have you heard about our Sherman Oaks PRP facial rejuvenation treatment and how it’s one of the most effective ways to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity?

We’ve got the details on this exclusive treatment from one of the leading clinics implementing this innovative new therapy. We’ll explore this therapy, how it works, and what it can do for you.

What is a PRP facial?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma or protein. In this innovative new procedure, a small sample of your blood is taken and spun in a centrifuge. The centrifuge isolates the components of the blood into plasma, platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

Plasma is a critical component of many healthcare treatments because it contains many platelets and other materials necessary for repairing the body on a micro and macro level. By harnessing your body’s platelet-rich plasma and injecting it beneath the skin, these components work to re-stimulate collagen growth and repair damaged structures, similar to stem cells.

A PRP facial at our Sherman Oaks clinic typically consists of a microneedling facial with PRP injections to help speed up recovery and rejuvenation.

How does PRP technology work?

A small blood sample is taken; then, your doctor spins it on a centrifuge to separate the individual components. Then, depending on your treatment plan, your doctor will gently massage or inject the platelet-rich plasma just beneath the surface of your skin. PRP facials are often paired with dermarolling or microneedling because the plasma will help you recover more quickly from the stimulation. Plasma can help reduce inflammation and repair internal structures, so it’s believed that it can help boost the effects of other core cosmetic or medical treatments.

What facial benefits can I get from PRP?

The use of PRP in medical procedures has been around longer than you might think. Orthopedic specialists sometimes inject a patient’s PRP into an injured joint to promote the healing and regeneration of collagen, which makes up cartilage. Only recently did plastic surgeons realize that this revolutionary method can be applied to the collagen structures of the face, particularly in areas where collagen is lacking or the skin has lost its elasticity. PRP may help spark new collagen production and repair the skin on a cellular level.

What are the typical results of PRP facials, and how long do they last?

Immediately following treatment, your skin might be rosy or flushed. PRP is often red, as platelets or other materials like hemoglobin are suspended in the plasma. Your skin might feel warm or tender to the touch, especially around sensitive areas like the eyes or mouth. The warmth or tenderness is likely due to mild irritation from the injection site. Fortunately, the proteins in your plasma will immediately act to reduce the inflammation and repair these areas. This is another reason PRP facials are the smart treatment of plastic surgery.

PRP face injection

How safe are PRP facials?

PRP treatments are exceptionally safe. Not only that, but they’re relatively painless and take a shorter amount of time compared to other therapies (with longer-lasting results, too). Your doctor will inject or apply a numbing agent before your treatment to reduce discomfort. This local anesthetic will last for the duration of your treatment and some time afterward. Most people find that there’s little pain involved whatsoever. However, an over-the-counter pain reliever might be handy if your skin is susceptible. Because this treatment has been around for so long in the medical industry, you can be confident in its safety.

Who is eligible for PRP facials?

A better question is, “Who isn’t eligible for PRP treatments?” The best way to know if this treatment is proper for you is by scheduling a consultation. Our doctors will sit down and review your medical history, goals, and unique skin features.

People with blood or clotting disorders MAY NOT be eligible for this treatment, including:

  • people with HIV/AIDS
  • people using blood thinners
  • people with significant sun damage

Some people with significant sun damage may not be eligible for PRP treatment because there could be pre-cancerous or atypical areas. Anyone with melanoma or skin cancer should consult a doctor before beginning any new therapies.

Myths and facts about PRP facials

We get a lot of questions about PRP facials and what they can do for your glow. Let’s go over some of the most common myths about PRP and facts you might not have known.

Myth: PRP facials are painful and will discolor your face.
Fact: Many people report little to no pain with PRP, and facial discoloration will go away within 24 hours.

Everyone’s seen celebrities’ Instagram pictures with bright red faces after undergoing a plasma facial treatment. While it depends on your treatment, this is a temporary side effect in most cases. It’s usually the result of topical plasma application before or after dermarolling. In that case, it simply washes off.

Myth: PRP can’t erase acne scars or other skin damage.
Fact: PRP can not only wipe away acne scars and other types of damage but do so faster than other skin treatments.

PRP is used with other standard procedures to bolster their effectiveness and drastically reduce the number of treatments needed to see results. PRP can reduce acne, keloid, and other scars in less time and with fewer office visits.

Harness your body’s rejuvenation power

You’ve had the power to rejuvenate your skin, erase wrinkles, and heal scars inside you all along. At our office, we help you harness that power. Are you interested in PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles and how this revolutionary new treatment can help you look years younger? Call us today!